Night T- testosterone booster

Do not be surprised if you have never heard about this testosterone booster because even though it is highly appreciated among those who are using it, you can not find much information about it. That is why you should read this article if you want to learn something new , useful and may help you in the near future.


Night-T is actually a product that will help you boost testosterone and it will release hormones while you are sleeping. It may seem unbelievable but this testosterone booster can increase hormones as much as 150% while you are doing absolutely nothing. Sounds pretty amazing you must admit it.


You probably remember when you were just a kid how your parents have literally forced you to go to sleep and to sleep as much as you can. When you are just a child sleeping seems like a waste of time and you would literally do anything else to avoid it, but once you grow older you realize how crucial it actually is for your health and immune system.


What you did not know back then is that when you are a kid and you go back to sleep early you are maximizing your growth potential. Now when you are old enough to be aware of that fact you know how right your parents were.


If you are into fitness and a healthy lifestyle you probably know that having at least eight hours of a good night sleep is simply something you must have in order to function and gain your strength for your training.


If you do not sleep enough you will not have the strength to get out of the bed, let alone anything else, which is why you need something that will speed up your recovery and prepare you for every training session you are about to have.


That’s why you do not have to worry about that anymore because 1st Phorm has made Night-T a food supplement that will help you fall asleep in a blink of an eye.


If you do not understand the meaning of Night-T read the explanation- Night of course represents sleeping and T is for testosterone. Of course you probably know how important testosterone is for your body, it enhances manly features such as muscle growth, drive, sex appeal and hair.


When it comes to Nigh-T consummation and dosage we suggest you to take three capsules with sixteen to twenty ounces of water few minutes before you go to sleep. Like we already mentioned above good night sleep is crucial for your immune system, so make sure you set aside at least eight hours of sleep. Night-T is recommendable only for adults, so you must be over eighteen and make sure you keep it away from children.


This testosterone booster is made for men, but if you are a woman and you are curious about it and want to test it, then you must consult with a doctor or any other medical expert. We must warn you that you cannot use it if you are pregnant or you are planning that in the near future. It can damage your baby which isn’t something that you want.


Our advice to you is to combine Night-T with Commander which is also a food supplement, especially if you want to boost your energy, get rid of some extra pounds you gained and enhance some mental strength. Why is Commander so useful? It is good because it will control uptake of glucose and will help you maintain sugar level in blood. It isn’t good only for your physical health but for your mental health too. It will keep you focused, concentrated and strong.


Commander gives you a lot you must admit and all you have to do is to take only one capsule in the morning and that’s it.


Now let’s go back to our main subject- Night-T. We should note that it also contains magnesium stearate, gelatin and silicon dioxide. Even though these ingredients have not been approved by the Food and Drug Administration we must highlight that 1st Phorm is one of the most reliable and professional companies in the United States when it comes to products related to food supplements, so you do not have to worry about that.


Pavlok Review

Are you trying to break bad habits like smoking, unhealthy eating, nail biting or overspending without much success? Would you like to remove temptation from the equation so that you can emerge victorious every time temptation kicks in? Well, embracing technology is one of the surest methods you can use to keep off bad habits and improve your life. As such, you can live a happier life that is free from stress caused by some of your bad habits. So, are you ready to overhaul your lifestyle and set your life on a new success path? Pavlok by Maneesh Sethi will help you achieve more happiness and success in life. This small device made from plastic or metal is a game changer. Please read along to find out more how Pavlok works.


Pavlok Review


Pavlok is a revolutionary self-improvement device that trains your brain to stop all the habits that you dislike by beeping and vibrating with ten different tones and vibrations. It is a personal coach on your forearm or wrist. Pavlok uses shock therapy to rewire your brain to stay away from bad habits and instead embrace good ones. Apart from that, Pavlok also uses zap and tap sensations to train your brain to start preferring good habits to bad ones. It fits perfectly on both small and large wrists so that no one is let out when it comes to behavior change. This device has a USB port that is used for charging. Once fully charged, this device can go for days without requiring to be charged. It can produce up to 200 shocks. Apart from helping you to leave your bad habits, Pavlok can also train your brain so that you can be able to wake up early every day and increase your level of productivity. As such, users can achieve their desired level of success without having to put in much effort.


How does Pavlok Work?


After purchasing this device, the next step is downloading an app online that will enable you to choose which habit you really want to break. After this, you will listen to the 5 minutes step by step audio training sessions that will help you operate this device accordingly. The app is developed to trigger the Pavlok automatically every time you find you do that bad habit. Apart from being triggered by the app, Pavlok can also be triggered by sensors, manually or remotes. All of these methods are very effective. If you find out that temptation continues to kick in and you just can’t stay away from bad habits, you are advised to use Pavlok Zap. This electric sensation can either be slightly uncomfortable or pleasant. After 3 to 4 days you might notice that you start staying away from that bad habit. However, you are advised to continue doing the habit intentionally for 5 more days with the device on zap. The more you continue doing the habit, the more it is deleted from your brain.


What You Learn with Pavlok


Pavlok wristbands are quite unique because they can reward you every time you are able to achieve your daily tasks. The rewards include money. The rewards are aimed at motivating you so that you can continue achieving your daily tasks and become more productive. Who wouldn’t want to earn while doing away with bad habits? Those who developed Pavlok clearly understood that no one, including you, should go through the tough times of dropping bad habits. On the other hand, every time you fail to achieve your daily tasks this device will shock you. This way, you will be able to shun away your bad habits and achieve all the goals you have set for the day. This device will help you achieve goal oriented tasks like quitting smoking, nail biting, bad eating habits among the rest.




Pavlok strongly recommended by professionals to everyone and not just people who really want to delete bad habits permanently from their brain. It has been around for a while and has started receiving numerous rave reviews with regards to its efficiency when it comes to breaking bad habits. If some have tried out Pavlok and have achieved positive results, it means you too can. What is even more interesting about Pavlok is that it comes with a risk free 6 month, 100% money back guarantee which means you lose nothing if this product does not meet your expectations. If you want to start the journey of transforming your habits on the right foot, try out Pavlok today.


Hopefully, this review has answered all the questions you had with regards to Pavlok and you will try out this amazing behavior change device soon.




Due to my bad eating habits, my weight has been increasing recently. However much I try to keep away from fast foods, I just cant. Now that my weight has become an issue that bothers me day in day out, I have tried out many weigh loss solutions that promise to work miracles. The plain truth is that not all these weight loss solutions work as effectively as they promise to. I discovered that without the right professionals and a tested weight loss method I was never going to achieve my dreams. So, I never lost hope and continues searching online for an effective solution to my weigh issue until I came across an advert about Pavlok. Honestly, I was so curious to find out about how it worked and if it could help me shed the unwanted pounds so that I could get that body I have always desired. I decided to give it a try just like I had tried the other weight loss solutions. To my surprise, Pavlok worked so effectively and since then my life has never been the same again. Pavlok helped me to shock myself to reality. Today I am able to evaluate my eating habits, thanks to deeper research and a deeper understanding of the human anatomy. I have shed off the unwanted pounds and now I look young and attractive again. Without Pavlok I would have never overcome my weight loss problems to raise my self-esteem.


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Don’t put your sexual life on pause!

We all age, there’s nothing new about that, and nothing new about the side effects aging can have on our lives. Women have known about the effects of menopause for years, but andropause is less well known. For men, andropause is the natural reduction of testosterone and other hormones due to age, and it can cause a drop in sexual desire, sexual function, an increase in body fat and mental fogginess. For men trying to start a family a little later in life, andropause can affect fertility because sperm volume is lower and less vigorous.


Testosterone therapy is an option for some men, but it’s expensive and the side effects can be unpredictable. Drugs that stimulate men into getting an erection are also options, but those don’t address the underlying issues, and don’t help with the feeling of mental slowness or that expanding waistline. After looking at other solutions, many men are turning toward more natural herbal remedies, used by millions of men throughout history.




One of the most promising herbal remedies is tongkat ali extract from a native Indonesian plant species. In traditional herbal medicine, tongkat ali is used to promote libido, semen volume and even muscle growth, and in a double-blind study in 2012, men who took tongkat ali on a daily basis saw improvements in their libido, semen volume and erectile function. Some even experienced fat loss, and improved life experiences.


These results are exciting, but to get the best effects, you want to make sure you’re taking the highest quality of tongkat ali extract available. As the demand for this powerful supplement increases, unscrupulous companies are flooding the market with products that supposedly contain tongkat ali, but can also contain ingredients like mercury, in high amounts. Because the natural extract of tongkat ali is bitter, companies who want to take advantage of men who are just looking to improve their quality of life by adding a bitter agent to a plain powder that won’t help any andropause symptoms.


LJ100 is a very high quality 100:1 standardized tongkat ali extract. This extract is made to exacting standards to ensure you only receive the highest quality tongkat ali on the market today. Our exact extract was formulated by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D., a leading expert regarding the benefits and side effects of sexual enhancement herbal products.


Since tongkat ali is all natural, you may think taking more is better, but that’s not the case here. With LJ100, you can take a smaller dose to ensure you get the sexual enhancement you want, but not the side effects you don’t. Those side effects can include, increased irritability, restlessness, insomnia and increased body temperature. The chance of side effects increases with the amount of tongkat ali you take, and ensuring you take a reputable supplement like LJ100 will help keep the incidents of side effects much lower while still making sure you get the benefits of increases sexual desire and better sexual performance.


After ordering your LJ100, we know you’ll be excited to try it out, so we suggest starting with one 25 mg capsule per day, and increasing to two if needed. Give your body a few days to adjust to the new supplement before increasing your dosage, though, to make sure you can tolerate any side effects you may have.


To help keep your newfound momentum going, you can also consider adding other over-the-counter remedies for decreased testosterone.


Again, add them slowly so you can judge their effectiveness, but a good product to try would be DermaTREST, a prohormone testosterone supplement cream produced by Olympus Labs. Specifically engineered to act as a catalyzing agent, DermaTREST can help you increase muscle, gain physical power and get through those workout plateaus.


If you prefer a supplement in capsule form rather than a cream, EP1C Unleashed, again from the supplement scientists at Olympus Labs is another great anabolic supplement to look at. With epicatechin, a flavanoid found in cocoa seeds and green tea, as the key Olympus has created a product that will increase your strength and power, give you better endurance, help you burn fat and a host of other overall health benefits. This is all you need.


opti-core-344px-394px1st Phorm’s health product Opti-Core has been proved to be effective in helping people lose fat. Opti-Core works by reducing the levels of the stress hormone cortisol in the body. Increased levels of cortisol hormone has been found to be contributing to weght gain by making the body hold on to fat. Alongside the insulin hormone, cortisol works to prevent the body from releasing fat for convertion into energy. This leads to accumulation of fat in the body especially in the middle section thus causing that justifiably dreaded belly fat.


If you have been unsuccessfully struggling to lose belly fat or to just lose weight in general, you need not lose hope. Opti-Core can help you get rid of all that fat that is tucked under your abdomen and to achieve a trimmer figure. There are many people who have weight loss success stories but before looking at them, lets first understand more about the research studies that found cortisol hormone capable of causing weight problems and also how Opti-Core comes in as a remedy.


How does cortisol contribute to weight gain?


Most people do not expect stress to have any relationship with weight gain and in particular development of belly fat but this is exactly what recent studies have revealed. The studies have shown a correlation between uncontrollable stress and the distribution of abdominal fat.


One particular sought to find out how salivary cortisol influence fat distribution in terms of waist to hip ratio in the presence of laboratory stressers. The study monitored 41 overweight women and continuously measured their mood and waist to hip ratio (WHR) during a session involving stressful tasks and also during a controlled rest time which had been timed to match that of the stressful session. The study had picked both women with a low waist to hip ratio and a high waist to hip ratio as participants, it never leaned towards one side. The researchers also assessed the participants’ variable psychological traits and sought information about their stress history.


At the end of the study, it was found that the participants with a high waist to hip ratio secreted more cortisol hormone following the stressful activity the participants had been made to go through in comparison to their peers with a low waist to hip ratio. The difference was however not observed during the controlled period of rest. Participants with a high waist to hip ratio also showed poor anger management and stress copying skills in comparison to those with a low waist to hip ratio. The high waist to hip ratio group therefore got to secrete more cortisol hormones. This particular study alongside others provides insight into the link between cortisol hormones and abdominal fat distribution.


Opti-Core as a remedy to cortisol spikes


When the levels of cortisol hormone become elevated in the blood, Opti-Core can help make sure that they go down once again. The AdrenaCort Recovery component of Opti-Core helps you relax and unwind thereby lowering down the cortisol levels in your body and helping you sleep soundly at night, your body’s metabolic rate gets to go back to normal and more calories are burnt leading to less storage of fat in your body.


Opti-Core also has another added component known as Lypozyme Optimiser which helps you lose fat while asleep. It helps in metabolism while you are asleep. The overall positive impact on your metabolism is beneficial even when you are awake.


In addition to AdrenaCort Recovery and Lypozyme Optimiser, Opti-Core also contains vitamins and minerals which help to boost immunity and also help in regulating insulin and metabolism among other benefits.




Success stories on the use of Opti-Core


There are many people who have succeeded in losing belly fat and losing weight by purchasing and using Opti-Core. Check out these success stories:


I love this stuff. I can’t yet speak to long term positive effects, but I can certainly say every night I have taken it I’ve had the deepest and most restful sleep I’ve ever had in my life. It causes me to fall asleep quickly and naturally, and to wake up feeling totally refreshed and revived! *word of caution – the Opti-Core is VERY potent. Serving size is 3, but I’ve only been taking 1 before bed. I can usually take way more than any recommended serving of something, but this stuff is high quality and legit. When I took 3 I woke up at 8am then next day and I felt sleepy and groggy until like 2pm. I am in no way giving this supplement a bad review, I just refuse not to be totally honest with you all. Opti-Core is a fantastic product, does what it says and what it’s intended to do, just test your tolerance for it. Boom!! – Tumbler user


The best thing about the Go Pack is by far the Opti-Core. I am sleeping better than I’ve ever slept in my life! With my anxiety issues and restless legs, sleep doesn’t always come easy to me. Since I’ve started the Opti-Core I have no problems falling asleep. I couldn’t love this product any more… I will continue on this part forever if I can lol! The only way I’ve been deviating from directions is that I start the Opti-Core on Sun night and don’t take it on Fri. Sundays are always the hardest night for me to sleep but not anymore!I can only hope that bumping my dose of Bliss is going to help with the weight loss – Blogger


Purchasing Opti-Core


You can order your dosage of Opti-Core online at 1st Phorm’s website. When using Opti-Core, make sure you follow the directions and the dosage stated by the manufacturer for best results and safety purposes.


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Primal T

Primal TPrimal T is one of the most effective and complete testosterone supplement ever created and presently in use.It is a supplement for men aiming at helping promote lean muscle growth mass by balancing and increasing testosterone levels.Supporting amino acids production and helping promote nutrition for optimal repair and recovery.


Testosterone is responsible for several processes in the body most of which affect an individual’s training and muscle growth.Primal T takes over the testosterone’s control in one’s body increasing strength and training intensity thus helping in quick recovery from training.The person will be able to gain advantage of the benefits of high testosterone levels in the body.The benefits include increased synthesis of proteins.The body becomes more efficient at breaking down and also rebuilding proteins as muscles and as a result leads to huge muscle gains.


The primal T contains the following ingredients;

    •  – LH Stimulant Complex: 500 mg + ( Terrestris Complex (spirostanol glycosides and 40% saponins-furostanol glycosides) and 40% Protodioscin)];
    •  – Adaptogenic Complex: 500 mg + (Maca extract and powder, Suma Powder, Ashwagandha, and Rhodiola Rosea extract 3% 1% Salidrosides and Rosavins);
    •  – Free Test Boost Complex: 500 mg + (Muira Puma, Eurycoma Longifolia, Avena Sativa 10:1 Extract,, Fenugreek Extract, and Tribulus Terrestris Powder).

primal t model


Other ingredients include magnesium stearate, Ti02, Gelatin, FD&C Yellow#, FD&C Red #40, FD&C Blue #1


Primal T was mainly and specifically made to increase growth hormones and testosterone levels in men.This was in order to help one push harder, recover faster and maximize nutrient uptake and protein synthesis all through the day. It offers the perfect anabolic boost for one’s supplementation program. The primal T’s Testiphlex Blend is designed to increase levels of the Leutinizing Hormone in one’s body. This in turn triggers his body to naturally produce and release more testosterone. The addition of Max-GH Matrixs takes the Primal T a huge step by stimulating the release of a Growth Hormone to increase vitality,strength and improve the overall gain of lean muscle as well as improving one’s concentration and mental clarity during exercises and practice for a more intense and focused workout.



The primal T naturally increases and optimizes growth hormone release and testosterone production so there is no need to cycle on and off. One can use the Primal T and enjoy its benefits three hundred and sixty five days without having to worry about any ill-side effects that might occur. It can also be used effectively to cycle off phohormones or for post cycle therapy. For the maximum testosterone boosting effects, stack the Primal T with Commander Go Pack to help break an individual’s own body testosterone threshold. It is recommended for men given its nature to support and increase testosterone levels. The formula contains no appetite suppressants or fat burners. It is a natural formula that is intended to work with other products produced by the same company.


Its main advantage is helping men with growth of muscles and can be stacked with other products from the same company. The Product is not intended for use to women or people under the age of 18.It is not to be used by pregnant,lactating or nursing mothers. If one has any medical conditions are currently using prescription medications for various health related reasons then they should consult their physician before taking or using the Primary T or any dietary supplements for that matter.It has proven very useful to men who spend considerable amounts of time exercising to improve their body compositions.


When the primary T is used as a supplement, the person should take 2 capsules early in the morning.For more additional benefits to the individual, the person should on training days take 2 capsules an hour before workout.The use of the Primal-T should be in in a repeating pattern of 5 days on, 2 days off cycle. For the optimum results, a person should use the Primal T continuously for a minimum time period of about 8 weeks which is an equivalent of 2 months.It also goes perfectly with Conquest HD.If one is looking to just lose a few pounds and not necessarily working out then it will be advised to just stick to a balanced diet, do regular exercises and lose the weight naturally.The primal T should be strictly kept out of reach of children.


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