Don’t put your sexual life on pause!

We all age, there’s nothing new about that, and nothing new about the side effects aging can have on our lives. Women have known about the effects of menopause for years, but andropause is less well known. For men, andropause is the natural reduction of testosterone and other hormones due to age, and it can cause a drop in sexual desire, sexual function, an increase in body fat and mental fogginess. For men trying to start a family a little later in life, andropause can affect fertility because sperm volume is lower and less vigorous.


Testosterone therapy is an option for some men, but it’s expensive and the side effects can be unpredictable. Drugs that stimulate men into getting an erection are also options, but those don’t address the underlying issues, and don’t help with the feeling of mental slowness or that expanding waistline. After looking at other solutions, many men are turning toward more natural herbal remedies, used by millions of men throughout history.




One of the most promising herbal remedies is tongkat ali extract from a native Indonesian plant species. In traditional herbal medicine, tongkat ali is used to promote libido, semen volume and even muscle growth, and in a double-blind study in 2012, men who took tongkat ali on a daily basis saw improvements in their libido, semen volume and erectile function. Some even experienced fat loss, and improved life experiences.


These results are exciting, but to get the best effects, you want to make sure you’re taking the highest quality of tongkat ali extract available. As the demand for this powerful supplement increases, unscrupulous companies are flooding the market with products that supposedly contain tongkat ali, but can also contain ingredients like mercury, in high amounts. Because the natural extract of tongkat ali is bitter, companies who want to take advantage of men who are just looking to improve their quality of life by adding a bitter agent to a plain powder that won’t help any andropause symptoms.


LJ100 is a very high quality 100:1 standardized tongkat ali extract. This extract is made to exacting standards to ensure you only receive the highest quality tongkat ali on the market today. Our exact extract was formulated by Dr. Ray Sahelian, M.D., a leading expert regarding the benefits and side effects of sexual enhancement herbal products.


Since tongkat ali is all natural, you may think taking more is better, but that’s not the case here. With LJ100, you can take a smaller dose to ensure you get the sexual enhancement you want, but not the side effects you don’t. Those side effects can include, increased irritability, restlessness, insomnia and increased body temperature. The chance of side effects increases with the amount of tongkat ali you take, and ensuring you take a reputable supplement like LJ100 will help keep the incidents of side effects much lower while still making sure you get the benefits of increases sexual desire and better sexual performance.


After ordering your LJ100, we know you’ll be excited to try it out, so we suggest starting with one 25 mg capsule per day, and increasing to two if needed. Give your body a few days to adjust to the new supplement before increasing your dosage, though, to make sure you can tolerate any side effects you may have.


To help keep your newfound momentum going, you can also consider adding other over-the-counter remedies for decreased testosterone.


Again, add them slowly so you can judge their effectiveness, but a good product to try would be DermaTREST, a prohormone testosterone supplement cream produced by Olympus Labs. Specifically engineered to act as a catalyzing agent, DermaTREST can help you increase muscle, gain physical power and get through those workout plateaus.


If you prefer a supplement in capsule form rather than a cream, EP1C Unleashed, again from the supplement scientists at Olympus Labs is another great anabolic supplement to look at. With epicatechin, a flavanoid found in cocoa seeds and green tea, as the key Olympus has created a product that will increase your strength and power, give you better endurance, help you burn fat and a host of other overall health benefits. This is all you need.

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