Fitness And You’re Health

Being physically active is a vital part of being healthy for any individual. Eating a balanced healthy diet and being active in your daily life are the two best things to help keep you healthy and young. Everyone should try to get in at least three days a week where they are doing some sort []

Common Gym Exercise And Training Mistakes

Going to the gym for some fitness exercise and training should only have one main purpose- to stay fit and healthy through exercise. Going to the gym should be trying to achieve that purpose and nothing else. But sadly, there are certain mistakes that many people going to the gym make that can keep them …

Increase Your Energy Levels With Balance Balls!

Physical exercise is the performance of some activity in order to develop or maintain physical fitness and overall health. It is often directed toward also honing athletic ability or skill.

There are literally zillions of exercise benefits to be gained through a regular fitness and nutritional plan. When you read this list, you’ll wonder why everyone isn’t taking advantage of what fitness has to offer.

Improving Mental and Physical Health

Physical exercise can improve both your mental and physical health. The benefits of aerobic exercise include improved cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength and flexibility. Exercise pumps more blood through your veins. This increases the size of your arteries, prevents fat from clogging your arteries and helps prevent blood clots.

The great thing about training the upper body is that there are tons of choices for working each muscle group. The bad thing is that there seem to be a lot of muscles in the upper body and, if you’re like me, you have your favorites and your not-so-favorites.

Exercise tip for an exercise benefit:

Take a walk every day with your entire family. If your children are old enough to ride a bike or roller-blade, let them while you walk, jog, ride a bike or roller-blade yourself;

Increased Energy

The right combination of exercise and nutrition creates an hormonal environment conducive to fat loss, increased muscle strength and increased energy. When your body is working at peak efficiency, your energy levels soar!

How much exercise do I need?

Talk to your doctor about how much exercise is right for you. A good goal for many people is to work up to exercising 4 to 6 times a week for 30 to 60 minutes at a time. Remember, though, that exercise has so many benefits that any amount is better than none

Kids exercise all the time without even thinking of it. Just being active, like when you run around outside or play kickball at school, is a kind of exercise. What else counts as exercise? Playing sports, dancing, doing push-ups, and even reaching down to touch your toes.

Balance Ball

One of the best exercise methods is to exercise with a balance ball! So, we urge you to find out more about the balance ball exercise today.

The CSIRO has found the secret to weight loss and it’s called the ‘Flexi’ diet

The CSIRO has found the secret to weight loss and it’s called the ‘Flexi’ diet

Intermittent fasting just got the tick of approval from Australia’s leading scientists.

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The CSIRO, the country’s peak scientific body has launched a new diet for weight loss and surprisingly it includes intermittent fasting and diet shakes. Say what?!

Yep, the same research organisation, which brought us the 12-week CSIRO Total Wellbeing Diet 12 years ago a high protein, moderate carb, low fat sensible approach to eating that your mum was mad for in the noughties is now backing the sorts of controlled measures you’d expect to relegate to the ‘fad diets that don’t work’ pile, alongside the Dukan and Cayenne pepper, lemon juice and Maple syrup diet.

Why? Because you see, they’ve been found to work. Mind blown.

The newly launched ‘Flexi’ diet is a weight loss program based on research carried out by CSIRO scientists, which found that fasting can be an effective way to lose weight and stay healthy.

Participants in the 16 week trial lost an average of 11kg and saw improvements in their cholesterol, insulin, glucose and blood pressure.

This was the largest study exploring the effects of an intermittent fasting style of diet on weight loss, health and nutrient status, CSIRO Research Dietitian Dr Jane Bowen said in a press release about the launch.

In addition to improvement in weight loss and overall health, we also observed psychological improvements, with participants indicating better control over eating habits.

The weekly ‘Flexi’ program involves three days of intermittent fasting aka ‘control’ days, where you consume 40 per cent of your energy needs, through veggies and meal replacement shakes. Yes, really.

This is paired with three kilojoule-controlled ‘classic’ days, of two meal replacements, two healthy snacks and one regular balanced meal.

Finally, the diet allows one free ‘flexi’ day (think cheat day) where you can eat and drink whatever you want.

Losing weight can be challenging with results often limited by an individual's ability to stick with a diet, Dr Bowen said.

The Flexi program offers a flexible alternative to traditional diets, which could help Australians to fit a weight loss diet around their busy, social lifestyles.

With 63.4 percent of Australians aged 18 years and over overweight or obese, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics data, this program could be an option for long term sustainable weight loss.

While the CSIRO is an independent body, it’s facing criticism for working in conjunction with meal replacement company, Impromy. The weekly ‘Flexi’ program is a collaboration between the two, and is available in pharmacies, offering a recipe book along with online resources like meal plans, progress tracking tools and virtual consults with dietitians.


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Man Charged With Murder of Muslim Teen Who Disappeared on Way to Mosque

Human remains found in a Virginia pond are believed to belong to a teen who went missing early Sunday on her way to a mosque in Fairfax County, according to police. The victim, identified by her family as Nabra Hassanen, was walking with a group of friends

News story posted on 2017-06-19T07:53:00

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Books On Sports Nutrition

Due to the increasing interest in sports nutrition and a growing number of athletes and health buffs becoming more conscious of the nutrition they take in to power their performance, a lot of books have already been released to disseminate more information and further heighten people’s awareness. This is, in fact, very beneficial as awareness is most of the time the springboard of concrete actions.

One of these books on sports nutrition is that of Nancy Clark entitled, Sports Nutrition Guidebook. This book is a collection of solutions suggested by different sports nutritionists.

Nancy Clark, a renowned sports nutritionist herself, shows how one can identify well what to eat to get more energy, cope well with stress, control weight, improve overall health, and improve the quality of workouts in the midst of a stressful lifestyle.

She also gives suggestions on how to lose excess body fat in the body while maintaining the energy for further exercise. She also provides several tips on maximizing the benefits of what one person eats. This book is rich with practical tips on sports nutrition that are easy to follow and apply in day to day living.

Moreover, Susan Kleiner’s book on sports nutrition entitled, High-Performance Nutrition: The Total Eating Plan to Maximum Your Workout, presents what one needs to eat in line with a workout plan to achieve optimum results.

She advocates the importance of a good partnership between diet and exercise in performing excellently in sports. She shows how one can bring out the best in any type of workout or exercise, be it aerobics, strength training, endurance training, cross training, and other recreational sports.

Another sports nutrition book is Sports Nutrition for Endurance Athletes written by Monique Ryan. The author’s two-decade experience in counselling athletes about their nutritional needs and intake brought about this book.

She explains both the general principles which are applicable to endurance athletes of any sport and specific guidelines which are for those engaged in more specific sports like swimming, triathlons, cycling, mountain biking, distance running, and many others.

She likewise covers the basics of nutrition as well as how to train and make that training persist. Overall, this sports nutrition book is a detailed, updated, but practical guide to nutrition.

Still adding up to the list of sports nutrition books is the one entitled Eating for Endurance.

The author is a registered dietician who specializes in sports nutrition as well as an elite endurance athlete. Strategies on improving one’s diet, maintaining a healthy and ideal weight, successfully handling extreme environments, using sports nutrition supplements, and many other helpful information on sports nutrition are included in the book.

This is indeed a very credible book as the author speaks from first-hand experience.

One must indeed take the initiative to equip himself with the necessary knowledge and information if he really wants to do well in this aspect. Besides, putting an effort on sports nutrition will benefit no one else but himself.

These books are there not to give false promises or misleading information. Instead, their purpose is to show that achieving goals and targets had already happened in the past and is therefore totally feasible in the present if only one will commit to it.

There are still many other sports nutrition books out in the market that aim to help in information dissemination and proper education of people. Sports nutrition is indeed something that is not supposed to be taken for granted.

Mere exercise is not enough as it has to be coupled with the right and balanced diet as well as the right attitude towards one’s health in general.

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cle Building Avoid these Muscle Building Mistakes

Muscle Building Avoid these Muscle Building Mistakes Muscle building is not rocket science. It only takes a solid understanding of the different philosophies that surround muscle building as a whole, from building muscle for aesthetics to building muscle for power and endurance. Yet, people who’re new to the world of muscle building fall prey…

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Serious Bodybuilding

There is bodybuilding and there is serious bodybuilding. Serious bodybuilding encompasses training sessions, competitions, and strict regimens of diet and supplements. People that seriously build their body have bulging biceps, titan triceps and glutes of steel. Serious bodybuilders take what they do extremely serious and every part of their mind body and spirit participates in []